• By Ali Abunimah
  • Posted on Monday 09th July, 2007

Social Research Association Annual Conference

Social research is continuously changing and developing, and this year the Social Research Association annual conference will provide an opportunity to reflect upon and consider developments that have taken place throughout social research during the last few years.As well as plenary speakers and panel discussion session there will be workshops with papers addressing the following:

  • Innovations in the development of research design and strategy
  • Innovative ways of procuring or commissioning research
  • New methods or techniques for undertaking research or exploring or Interpreting data (including mixed method, participatory techniques
  • Other innovative approaches for undertaking research; and new interpretative tools, data linking, the use of E-Science, new IT or other methods for exploring or interpreting data)
  • Developments in connecting research to policy development
  • New methods of disseminating research to reach wider audiences
Speakers include: Malcolm Wicks, Minister for State (Science & Innovation)Please contact the SRA offices for further information at admin@the-sra.org.ok or website http://www.the-sra.org.uk

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