About Us

Prevention Action is an online news publication reporting internationally on innovation and effectiveness among programs for improving children's health and development.



Prevention Action is primarily concerned with efforts to prevent or address impairments to children's health or development and to promote children's well-being. The focus of the website extends to physical, behavioral, emotional, social and intellectual development, incorporating attempts to prevent violence, crime and school failure, as well as physical and mental illness. It investigates the potential causes of impairments to children's health and development, such as poverty, poor housing, genes and gene-environment interactions, and family dysfunction.

Prevention Action is also interested in public policy, professional practice and public behavior that bears on the success of prevention, for example in architecture, environmental design and community action.



Prevention Action takes a determinedly broad view by reporting on initiatives from all over the world, among developed and developing societies.



Prevention Action has a particular interest in the generation and exchange of new knowledge and ideas. It concentrates on the most recent practice innovations.



The need to publish information about the impact of policy and practice on children is widely acknowledged. But sources vary greatly in quality, as does the use made of evidence by policy makers, practitioners and the media. Prevention Action is intended to provide a high quality resource — as readable as a quality newspaper and as reliable for its high scientific standards as an academic journal.



Prevention Action operates on lines similar to those of an online newspaper or magazine. Staff monitor scholarly journals, websites and newspapers. They act as assessors and reviewers; they write analyses and commentaries; they commission 'stories' from experts in relevant fields and develop ideas already in circulation. When the opportunity arises, they try to provide their readers with new insight by reporting on policy and development initiatives from the field at first-hand. Prevention Action welcomes unsolicited submissions or ideas for submissions that meet its mission and standards.



Prevention Action is an independent online publication. It has been initiated and is managed by the Dartington Social Research Unit. An editorial board is in formation.



Prevention Action welcomes submissions relevant to its mission. It also encourages readers to bring to its attention developments, stories and issues that could be covered by the site, as well as events and conferences to announce. These may be sent to submissions@preventionaction.org.